Meet the surgeon…

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Meet the surgeon…

Dr. Marcos Haase, is a fully licensed veterinarian in North and South Carolina, with 10 years experience in general practice and emergency and critical care, who offers TTA for advanced cranial cruciate ligament rupture repair, and titanium plating techniques as well as other veterinary surgical services in the Greater Charlotte area and South Carolina to surrounding general practices on-site. He utilizes top of the line Titanium Kyon Swiss Implants, and the ALPS advanced locking plating system.  His goal is excellence and compassionate care.

Prior to moving to Charlotte with his family, he was serving as the medical director of a 24 hour emergency and referral center in Winchester, VA. He often collaborated on patient care with board-certified surgeons at the same facility and continues to consult with specialists on cases to receive their imput frequently.

He has a great passion for orthopedics and has trained with the industry leader KYON in both TTA and ALPS plating procedures. He can also provide a wide range of other veterinary surgical service support to area hospitals including emergency surgeries such as splenectomies, Caesareans, GDV, liver lobectomies, nephrectomies, intestinal, and other soft tissue/orthopedic procedures. Dr. Haase is also bilingual and can do surgical consultations in Spanish for clients when desired. He is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, and  is a certified TTA surgeon and ALPS surgeon with Kyon.

His passion for surgery is equal only to his devotion for patient comfort, and is a strong advocate for progressive pain management utilizing a multi-modal approach stemming from his critical care and general practice background.  He also highly values client communication and close follow-up as hallmarks of  a good surgeon, with caring equal to skill as a necessity. Before any surgical case, he always values the importance of a full history, physical exam, and face to face consultation with the owner and general veterinarian to treat the whole patient and look at the bigger picture to keep patient care in the core of everything CVSS provides.

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