Orthopedic surgery

CVSS is a traveling veterinary surgical service serving the Greater Charlotte area with full licensure in NC and SC.  Orthopedic services that CVSS can provide include among others:

  • Extracapsular lateral suture approach for CCL repair
  • TTA/Tibial Tuberosity Advancement/ Certified KYON TTA Surgeon
  • Intramedullary Pinning/Cerclage for simple fracture repair
  • Advanced Titanium Plating/ALPS System for Advanced Fracture Repair/ Certified KYON ALPS Surgeon
  • Femoral Head Ostectomy/FHO
  • Amputation
  • K-wire /cross pinning

Please call to discuss or feel free to email DICOM or JPEG format radiographs for consulation on any potential surgical cases. All orthopedic surgeries are performed utilizing top of the line orthopedic instruments and implants. All power tools used are Stryker equipment. Extreme care for aseptic patient preparation and surgical technique is a top priority for CVSS as well as advanced pain management for ultimate patient comfort.