Cranial cruciate ligament repair/stabilization/TTA surgery

Charlotte Veterinary Surgical Services provides on-site traveling surgery services to the greater Charlotte area and is fully licensed in NC and SC.  Cranial cruciate ligament repair/stabilization is a core focus of CVSS and multiple repair options are offered based on patient lifestyle, medical status, and client expectations.

  • TTA/Tibial Tuberosity Advancement as a certified Kyon TTA Surgeon
  • Lateral extracapsular nylon suture repair

CVSS is proud to provide on-site consultations and hospital information regarding the various options for cruciate repair.  TTA is an advanced surgical option often compared to Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy orTPLO, and is often times a preferred recommendation for quicker patient recovery, better long term outcomes, and multiple benefits to the joint health.  It involves creating an osteotomy on the non-weight bearing portion of the tibia, and by many board-certified surgeons is rapidly replacing TPLO as a preferred surgical technique. It has less risk of catastrophic failure than TPLO, but at this point studies do not show a significant benefit between TTA or TPLO long term and are considered similar in patient indications.

Both TTA and TPLO are preferred over suture repair that can fail and break, especially with larger more active dogs and TTA is associated with lower rates of  joint osteoarthritis over time.

Titanium implants are more biomechanical and has less risk of rejection/infection/neoplasia long term at the surgical site than other implant materials used currently. Thus, CVSS utilizes these products in the pursuit of high quality care.